Configuring VPN on Windows Devices

VPN access is required to access Idaho State University network resources from home or other off-campus locations.

How to Request VPN Access

Please click VPN Request to request access. You will need to receive e-mail confirmation that access has been granted before you are able to install the software.

Determining Windows Version (32-bit or 64-bit)

  1. Select ► Settings (gear icon)
  2. Select ► System 
  3. Find ► About link (left)
    • Note: Look for Device Specifications.  Next to System Type it lists the operating system (32-bit or 64-bit)

Installation Instructions 

  1. Go to ► Bengal Gateway
  2. Enter ► ISU BengalWeb User ID and Password
  3. Select ► Download Windows 64-bit GlobalProtect agent or Download Windows 32-bit GlobalProtect agent,  depending on which Windows version you are using
  4. Find ► GlobalProtect installation package in downloads
  5. Open ► GlobalProtect installation package
  6. Select ► Next when installation screen appears
  7. Select ►​​​​​​​ Next on Select Installation Folder  
  8. Select ►​​​​​​​ Next on Confirm Installation
  9. Wait ► For installation to complete
  10. Select ►​​​​​​​ Close when installation is complete
    • Note: A new window will open.
  11. Enter ►​​​​​​​ for portal address
  12. Enter ► BengalWeb User ID and Password
  13. Select ►​​​​​​​ Yes on User Account Control

Disconnecting the VPN

Note: Always disconnect from the VPN when not using it to do work for Idaho State University.

  1. Right-click ► The GlobalProtect VPN icon
  2. Select ►​​​​​​​ Disconnect
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