VPN Request

Issue / Question
Information about requesting a VPN.
  • How do I request VPN use? 
  • What do I need to request a VPN?
  • Platform
    • VPN
  • Audience Affected
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Students
Information Needed for a VPN Request
  1. Source and Destination IP Address (Source is usually the user’s computer)
  2. Ports that need to be opened, either TCP or UDP
  3. A use case that would require VPN.
Standard Features
  • Security determination for the requested VPN.
  • The responsible ITS team follows up with the user to test and confirm that the new VPN is working
Roles and Responsibilities
User Responsibilities:
  • The User will provide business reason for the requested VPN
  • The User will provide source IP address (where communication begins, such as users machine IP address)
  • The User will provide the destination IP address (where traffic ends, such as server or service)
  • The User will test requested access and report status once completed.
Service Provider Responsibilities:
  • Evaluate the security implications within 24 hours
  • Implement the VPN request within 24 hours of completion of the security assessment
  • Communicate to the user once the VPN access has been granted.
  • Support the user through the VPN testing phase
Service Pricing
This service is provided at no additional charge.

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