Export Badge: Moodle ISU to Badgr [Student]


Moodle ISU can be used to issue digital badges or micro-credentials. The digital badges in Moodle ISU can be exported to an e-portfolio application. This how-to shows you how to export your earned digital badge to Badgr, an open-source digital platform. 

This Guide Will Help You to: 

  • Download a digital badge from Moodle ISU

  • Create a Badgr account

  • Upload the digital badge to the digital e-portfolio application Badgr

Download a Digital Badge from Moodle ISU

  1. From the Moodle ISU main page, click the down arrow icon.

  2. Select Profile

  1. Scroll down on your profile to the Badges section. Note the earned badge

  1. Click on the hyperlink badge title

  1. The badge information displays on the screen show the recipient details, issuer details, and badge details. 

  1. To export this badge to an external backpack, select the Download button.

  1. The badge will download to your computer. 


Create a Badgr Account

  1. Go to Badgr.com and select Create an Account.

Screenshot of Create an Account button

  1. Complete the required fields to create a Badgr account.

Screenshot of account creation screen

  1. Select Create Account

  2. You will receive an email to confirm your Badgr account.

Screenshot of account confirmation screen


Uploading a Digital Badge to Badgr

  1. Sign on to Badgr

  2. From the Badgr account main page, select the Backpack tab in the upper right-hand corner

Screenshot of backpack page

  1. Select Add Badge

Screenshot of backpack screen

  1. Drag your downloaded file to the Drag & Drop File section.

Screenshot of Add Badge page

  1. The file will upload into the Drag and Drop section. 

Screenshot of Add Badge Page with file uploaded

  1. Select Add Badge.

Screenshot of Add Badge page

  1. The badge is now uploaded to your Badgr backpack. From this page you can do the following actions: 

    1. Share - Copy a link to your badge to share to other sites (LinkedIn)

    2. Download - Download the digital badge to a .png file

    3. Print Certificate

    4. Remove from backpack

    5. View public page

Screenshot of Badgr badge page

Seek Further Assistance 

For additional assistance, please contact the ISU Help Desk at (208) 282-HELP or view the Student Knowledge Base articles.


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