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PawPrint is ISU's online printing service. Upload the document to be printed to PawPrint from any internet connected device, then go to the PawPrint Station to confirm and print your document.
Uploading a Document to a PawPrint Station
  1. Select a Campus from the drop-down
  2. Select a Printer from the drop-down  
    • Note: This step is for the Pocatello and Meridian locations only
  3. Click Upload a Document
  4. Type your ISU Username
  5. Click CONTINUE
  6. Upload a Document by browsing for a file or entering a URL
  7. Click Additional Settings to print multiple copies, only select pages, or unselect duplex mode (optional)
  8. Click Submit
    • Note: If you have more print jobs, click Yes and repeat steps 7-9. Otherwise, click No
  9. Go to the Print Station you selected to release the print job
Retrieving a Print Job from a PawPrint Station
  1. Go to the selected PawPrint Station
  2. Login with your ISU Username and Password
  3. Click Sign In
  4. Click to highlight the documents you want to print
  5. Click Print
  6. Pick up the document from the printer
    • Note:
      • PawPrint documents are limited to 5 MB or 25 pages
      • PawPrint will only print in black and white
      • PawPrint documents sent to a print station remain available for printing for 72 hours 
PawPrint  Locations
  • Pocatello
College of Business Room 217
Oboler Library Computer Lab
Pond Student Union Computer Lab
Rendezvous Drop-In Computer Lab
Turner Hal Computer Lab
  • Idaho Falls
Bennion Student Union Computer Lab
  • Meridian
Bengal Den
Main Entrance
PawPrint FAQ
Can I print in color?
PawPrint is only black and white at this time. Color printing is available in the Rendezvous drop-in computer lab in Pocatello, Bennion Student Union computer lab in Idaho Falls, or the 829 computer lab in Meridian.
How many pages can I print using PawPrint?
PawPrint is limited to a file size of 5 megabytes and 25 pages.
Can I use PawPrint on my phone?
Yes! You can use PawPrint with any device that has an internet browser.
What happens to my document if I can’t pick it up right away?
Documents are stored for 72 hours and are not printed until you visit a PawPrint Release Station to print your documents.
Can someone else print my documents for me?
When you input your ISU username on the PawPrint website, it ties your uploaded document to your account. No one else will be able to view or print your documents.
I uploaded my document to the wrong PawPrint Release Station; what do I do?
Please re-upload your document to the correct Release Station. Alternatively, IT Lab Representatives and the IT Service Desk can redirect the print job for you.
Can I upload a document for someone else?
Yes! When the PawPrint website asks for a username, use their ISU username, and they will be able to print the document from the PawPrint Release Station you chose on the website.
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