Degree Works: User Quick Guide

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  • How do I use DegreeWorks?
  • How do I see my degree audit?
  • What classes do I take?
  • What do I have left of my degree?
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    • DegreeWorks
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DegreeWorks: User Quick Guide
DegreeWorks helps students clearly see their progress towards graduation and can also help them as they contemplate changing majors or adding additional degrees. DegreeWorks is, however, only a tool and not a replacement for the student’s advisor. Students should meet with their advisors to discuss the information in DegreeWorks. DegreeWorks only contains information for currently enrolled students. It is not an academic transcript and should not be treated as such.

  1. Log in to MyISU and the three lines (upper left), then click Discover.
  2. In the Find Cards area, type in DegreeWorks and click on the main DegreeWorks page. 
  3. Students: Your name and academic information will appear in the first block. 
    • Advisors: Enter the student’s Banner ID in the Student ID field. If you don’t know it, click on Advance Search and use the search options featured there. (Note: the Student ID is the SPRIDEN ID #, NOT the student’s ISU ID/Bengal card #.)
  4. The main tools offered are the Academic view and What-If. DegreeWorks opens by default in the Academic view, shown under the first block. (Instructions for the What-If tool are available in a different article and handout. What-If allows users to view possible changes to their academic future.) DegreeWorks also offers a GPA Calculator, compiled Class History, and Notes. These additional tools are available by clicking the three vertically arranged dots in the top right corner. In this corner are also options to print the page (printer icon) or contact advisors (envelope icon).
  5. The degree block is next, which shows the degree sought (or has earned), as well as its status with a green Complete, blue In-Progress, or red Incomplete notice next to the degree. Below, requirements are shown with their status: Complete (green check); In-progress (blue half circle); or Not complete (red circle). (Note: the full legend is at the bottom of the page (Below).)
DegreeWorks Legend: green circle with checkmark, Complete; Half filled blue circle, Complete (with classes in-progress); Blue clipboard with checkmark, Prerequisite; (R), Repeated class; Red empty circle, Not complete; Yellow circle with exclamation point, Nearly complete - see advisor; @, Any course number.
  1. The following sections show more complete details for each requirement, which varies depending on the degree sought. A green Complete, blue In Progress, or red Incomplete notice appears at the top of each section. Undergraduates, for example, will see a General Education block with a summary of Objectives, followed by each Objective listed out in more detail. Other sections include the Upper Division section, and the area of study section, which will appear for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  2. Each section will show what courses were taken to meet the requirement, along with the credits and grade earned. IP (In-Progress) indicates the current enrollment in the class. T indicates a transfer course and will display the course number of the institution of origin, along with the ISU course equivalent, and will give a grade of TA, TB, TC, etc. If an objective has not been met, DegreeWorks will provide links to courses that fulfill that requirement. (Note: Transfer courses are not included in the GPA calculations listed at the top of each block or the Overall GPA at the top of the page.)
  3. Courses that do not fulfill requirements are taken and are found below in the Elective Courses block.
  4. Insufficient Courses shows courses failed, repeated, withdrawn, or audited, as well as Transfer In-Progress (TIP) courses, which await an official transcript to be sent to the Registrar's Office before those credits are counted toward the degree.
  5. Courses Not Counted Toward Degree contains remedial (courses that begin with 00) and maxed-out courses.
  6. The In-progress Courses section shows courses the student is currently registered for.
  7. Finally, the Notes section contains any notes from the student or advisor.

Note: Additional sections may appear based on the student’s academic situation. Any questions about the information in DegreeWorks should be discussed with an advisor or the Office of Academic Advising.

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