Instructions and information on, MyISU, Moodle, Google, the Identity Management System and other applications.

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Applications available in the MyISU Portal.

Google Apps

Google tools available at ISU, including GSuite, Gmail, Google Calendar, and more.


Instruction and information on how to use Moodle for their coursework.

ISU Identity Management System

Instructions to modify your username, password, and security questions used by the ISU login system used for applications such as MyISU, Moodle, Navigate, etc.

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Clearing Cache and Cookies

Instructions on clearing cache and cookies for your browser.

ISU Navigate

General overview of ISU Navigate for students, including links to a quick guide and instructions on downloading the Navigate App.

Mobile Apps available for eLearning

A mobile application, most commonly referred to as an app, is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Mobile apps for eLearning are specific apps that work with Moodle ISU or other eLearning tools.

New Students

Instructions on how to find the New Students channel in MyISU, along with brief explanations of what the channel contains.

Online Proctoring with Examity Student Resource

Online proctoring allows a student to take an exam at home or work. In most cases, students will be required to have a web camera and a microphone to connect live with a proctor. Students will need to share their computer screen and show a current photo ID. The online proctor will observe the student and their computer screen during the exam and report any discrepancies. Currently, a Live Proctoring Service is available for those teaching eISU courses.

Online Proctoring with ProctorFree Student Resource

Idaho State University contracts a company called ProctorFree, for Record and Review proctoring services. The Record and Review service will record the participant’s quiz attempt and review the recording for evidence of cheating.

Quiz Activity: Use Safe Exam Browser [Student]

The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a proctoring tool used by faculty in the ISU Computer Classrooms.  This document explains the steps for initiating the installation of SEB, accessing a Moodle ISU Quiz through SEB, and closing SEB after completing an exam.

Transferring Duo to my new phone

Transfer Duo to a new mobile device with or without your previous Duo registered device.