Instruction and information on how to use Moodle for their coursework.

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Overview-type instructions and information on accessing and using Moodle.

General Settings

Instructions on setting up and changing preferences in your Moodle account.

Class Activities

Instruction and information on doing classwork in Moodle, including taking quizzes and submitting assignments.

Articles (6)

Accessibility+ Toolkit: Request Document Conversion [Student]

The Accessibility+ Toolkit allows you to request document conversions for Moodle ISU course materials.

Calendar Block [Faculty]

Using a calendar in a course can help both the instructor and the students keep track of deadlines and important dates within the course.

Grades in Moodle [Student]

The grade feature in Moodle ISU displays any grades your instructor has made available for your course.

Moodle ISU Q&A for Students

Frequently Asked Questions from Students about Moodle

Book Resource: Access a Book [Student]

The Book resource presents the informational content in the form of a book, displaying the table of contents on the right side with its various chapters and subchapters.

File Resource: Access PDF and Files [Student]

There are a variety of file types that you may encounter when using Moodle ISU.