Moodle ISU Q&A for Students

Moodle ISU Q&A for Students

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Moodle Q&A for Students

Which web browser should I use for Moodle ISU? 

Mozilla Firefox should be used when working in Moodle ISU. You can download Firefox for free from the Mozilla website. The latest version of Firefox is the best browser to use for Moodle ISU, particularly when compared to any version of Internet Explorer or Edge. It is recommended that you do not use Internet Explorer when accessing Moodle ISU due to the high probability of encountering browser-related issues such as the inability to take a quiz or submit an assignment.

How do I stop Moodle ISU from sending me so many emails? 

You can limit the emails you get from Moodle ISU by changing the notification settings in your profile. See Student: Managing Your Moodle ISU Profile. To do this, click on your name and select Preferences from the dropdown menu. Under User account, click Forum preferences. From the Email digest type dropdown menu, you can choose how often and how much content is provided in the notification emails you receive. On the next line, you can also change the Forum auto-subscribe settings to determine if an email will be received at all.

Note: Instructors can force students to be subscribed to forums (which will prevent you, as a student, from completely blocking emails from Moodle ISU). If subscription is forced, you can condense the messages to one email each day using the Email digest type settings found in the Forum preferences area.

When do I see my courses at the beginning of the semester? 

Most Moodle ISU courses are made available on the first day of class. However, some instructors may choose to give access sooner or block access to the course. If you are having difficulty accessing your course, contact your instructor. 

How can I access my grades? 

Grades can be accessed from the Navigation drawer on the left side of your Moodle ISU course homepage. If a grade has not been entered into the grade book, you will see a dashed line. Communicate with your instructor if you have questions about your grades.

For more information, see Student: Grades in Moodle ISU

Why can't I see my course in Moodle anymore? 

Student access to courses is removed approximately three weeks after the end of the semester. Instructors can hide a course while they modify the content or if they decide not to utilize Moodle ISU as a student resource during the semester. Contact your instructor if you have specific questions regarding your access.

Note: Students are removed from courses if they do not pay their fees.

Who do I contact with Moodle ISU questions? 

If you have specific questions related to your course, you should communicate with your instructor. Technology-related questions may be directed to the IT Help Desk, which offers technical support to students. You can call (208)-282-HELP (4357), email or visit the website to find information.

How do I submit assignments? 

Instructors should establish a method for you to submit assignments when the assignment is given. Instructors may request assignments to be submitted in a paper-based format, emailed, or uploaded into Moodle ISU. Communicate with your instructor to ensure that your assignments are submitted appropriately.

For more information, see Student: Assignments in Moodle ISU

How can I take an exam again if I lose my connection to the Internet? 

Students are expected to choose an environment with reliable Internet connection when taking an exam. A consistently reliable way to take an online Moodle ISU exam is using the recommended browser (Firefox), a wired high-speed connection and following the general software requirements for Moodle ISU. Exams should not be taken over dial-up connections, smart phones, or on wireless networks.

For information regarding taking quizzes in Moodle, see Student: Taking a Quiz

Note: Instructors hold discretion to allow or refuse remediation for a missed exam.

Why can't I play videos in Moodle? 

You might have problems seeing content if the pop-up blocker is blocking pop-ups from Moodle ISU. Pop-ups from Moodle ISU can be enabled in your Firefox browser by going to Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions > Block pop-up windows. In the Address of website field, Type: *

For more information, see Student: General Software Requirements, Viewers, and Plugins

How do I change my profile picture and preferred Name? 

Profile Picture

At the right top of the page, click your name or profile picture. From the dropdown menu, select Profile. Under User details, click Edit profile. Scroll down to the User picture section and follow the instructions to upload a new picture. 

For more information, see Student: Managing Your Moodle ISU Profile

Preferred Name

Moodle ISU pulls student information from Bengal Web. Student’s who want to update how their name displays in Moodle ISU will need to update information in Bengal Web.

For more information, see Student: Change Preferred Name

What Browser Should I Use? 

Students should use Mozilla Firefox when working in Moodle ISU. Other software may be required by your instructor depending on the structure and content of the course. See Student: Introduction to Moodle ISU if you need additional information.

Note: Some third party add-ons and plugins may cause conflicts with Moodle. It is important, especially when doing an important activity--like taking a quiz--to disable extra add-ons and plugins to help you to be successful.

The ITRC does not recommend using Internet Explorer when accessing Moodle ISU due to the high probability of encountering browser-related issues such as the inability to take a quiz or submit an assignment.

How Do I Access Moodle ISU? 

Your username is the same as the first part of your email address. For example, if your ISU email is, your username is doejane. The password for Moodle ISU is the same as the password for your ISU email. If you have forgotten your password, use the Identity management portal to access your account.   

How Do I Change My Password? 

To change your password for both your ISU email and Moodle ISU, go to the Identity Management Portal.  

How Do I Find My Courses? 

If your course is not listed in the Moodle ISU course menu, contact your instructor. Instructors control access and availability of Moodle ISU courses. You may need to request that your instructor release a course to students before you can see the course content. Be advised that not all ISU courses have a Moodle ISU component. Contact your instructor if you have problems finding your course in Moodle ISU.

What Internet Connection/Wireless Networks Should I Use? 

It is recommended to utilize broadband internet (e.g., DSL, Cable, etc.) when engaging with online materials in Moodle ISU. Some courses include video and large media files that require extra bandwidth to function properly. Assessment activities (i.e., quizzes, assignments, etc.) can be unreliable if taken on a low bandwidth or wireless network environment (on or off campus). Plan accordingly if you wish to have a positive experience.

What Is The Maintenance Schedule For Moodle ISU? 

The University has planned maintenance windows during the week when Moodle ISU and other ISU systems and networks may be unavailable. During the scheduled maintenance, you may experience anything from slow response, limited access, or no connectivity; or you may experience no interruption whatsoever. Maintenance notices will be posted on your Moodle ISU front page when maintenance is required by the University. It is recommended that students plan course work outside these maintenance windows. The following days and times are set aside for regular maintenance:

  • Tuesday evenings 11pm – Wednesday mornings 6am
  • Wednesday evenings 11pm – Thursday mornings 6am
  • Thursday evenings 11pm – Friday mornings 6am

Note: Emergency and time-critical maintenance or repairs may be performed outside of the normal maintenance windows.

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