Instructions on setting up and changing preferences in your Moodle account.

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Forum Preferences [Faculty & Student]

Forum Preferences allows the user to adjust forum notifications, subscriptions, and tracking of read and unread posts in forums.

General Technology Hardware for Online/Hybrid Courses

Taking an online course requires a good computer, and consistent internet connection. In addition there are some basic general skills, along with computer and internet skills that are required to be successful.

General Technology Software for Online/Hybrid Courses

This document lists the minimum software requirements for courses in Moodle along with instructions and links to download the software. Your courses may require additional software. Please go through each section to ensure that you have the minimum software and that it is up to date.

General Tips, Skills, and Readiness Tools for Being a Successful Online Student

Review the following tips to be successful in an online course at Idaho State University.

Moodle ISU Notification Preferences [Faculty & Student]

Moodle Notification Preferences allow the user to adjust Moodle notifications over the web, email, or mobile app. You can choose to turn off notifications, or opt-in to receiving notifications such as the “New Sign-in to your Moodle ISU Account” notifications.

Quick Guide to HTML [Faculty or Student]

HTML is a markup language for structuring web page content.

Update Moodle ISU Profile [Faculty & Student]

Users can customize Moodle to their own personal preferences. They can change general information such as their location, timezones, preferred languages and themes. They can add a profile picture and a brief description about themselves. Users can also change preferred settings such as how their email will be displayed and the format. Users can change subscription types and tracking forums.