Instructions to modify your username, password, and security questions used by the ISU login system used for applications such as Bengalweb, Moodle, Navigate, etc.

Articles (8)

Changing Your Password

Step by step instructions on changing your password in ISU's Identity Management System.

Changing Your Security Questions

Step by step instructions on changing your security questions in the ISU identity management system.

Claiming Your ISU Account

Instructions on how to claim your ISU Account under the Identity Management System.

Forgot Your Password?

Instructions for if you forgot your ISU password.

Password Guidelines

Information on what elements need to be in your password using the Identity Management System.

Security Questions

Information on the security questions that users need to answer as part of setting up their password in the new Identity Management System.

Setting up/Changing your Account Claim Email and Phone Number

Instructions on how to set up or change your account claim email or phone number in ISU's Identity Management System.

Username Change Request

How to help a customer change their username