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Information about Box at Idaho State University and how to use it
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Idaho State University (ISU) Box is a data storage solution for ISU employees. It provides HIPPA and FERPA-compliant storage and unlimited cloud-based storage space for your data. You can easily share or keep your data private and can access it from anywhere using any smart device. With Box, your data is always protected, backed up, and safe.
  • Note: Box files are the exclusive property of ISU. Upon the termination of your duties, they will be immediately moved to a temporary hold status before being transferred to your supervisor.
Go to the Box Access Request Form to request a Box Account for Student Employees.
  • Note: Faculty and Staff automatically receive Box Access
Log Into Box
  1. Go to Box
  2. Click Continue
  3. Type your ISU Username
  4. Type your Password
  5. Click SUBMIT
Box Training Resource Videos
Training Link
File Time/Type
Go to Getting Started  
Quick orientation to Box and its most used features
5 Minute Video
An interactive course covering everything you need to
get started with Box
30 Minute Video
Quickly find content in Box
4 Minute Video
Tips and tricks on setting up your workspace and collaborating
with others
4 Minute Video
Go to Create and Edit Files       
Learn about Box editing features, including creating and uploading
files and folders, version history, and using Microsoft and Google
3 Minute Video
Go to Sharing Files 
Learn how shared links can help you securely give a quick
access to your content
4 Minute Video
Learn about in-depth content access to collaborators, including
waterfall permissions, inviting to files vs. folders, and adjusting
5 Minute Video
When inviting a person as a collaborator within a folder, you can
set the person's level of access to your content
Recommended Essential Applications
Box has two applications that we suggest installing. Both provide additional functions that make Box much easier to work with. 
  1. Box Edit - Box Edit enables users to edit files from Box easily using computer programs, such as Word or Excel. When a document is complete, it saves the file directly into Box.
  2. Box for Office - Box for Office lets you connect directly to your Box account using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It adds a Box Save option to any document you create.
    • Note: This is only available for Windows users

Locating and Installing Box Applications

  1. Click the Idaho State University logo with your initials (top right corner)
  2. Select the App Center
  3. Type Chosen Essential Application from the above list 
  4. Select Chosen Application from the drop-down
  5. Click Add to start the installation (grey button)
Note: If you or your department are interested in additional Box training, please get in touch with
Marjanna Hulet at: or (208) 282-2598
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