Create a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle ISU [Faculty]


Turnitin allows instructors to evaluate the originality of students’ submission.  Instructors can use Turnitin to review and grade submissions. Students’ grade will be automatically passed back to the Moodle gradebook.

This Guide will Help you to:

  • Utilize Turnitin to detect originality of the work

  • Create a Turnitin assignment in Moodle ISU

  • Grade assignments in Turnitin

  • Seek further assistance

Utilize Turnitin to detect the originality of the work

Turnitin compares the similarity between student work and existing documents, publications, and internet sources.  Similarities are identified and highlighted within the student’s submission.  Instructors can change the settings to match the needs of their course expectations.


Note: To protect our students’ intellectual property, all submitted papers will be deposited in an individual database and it is not directly searchable by other Turnitin subscribe clients. Only Idaho State University faculty can search our students’ submissions and exclusively for the purpose of grading course assignments. Instructors from other Turnitin subscriber schools may request anonymous copies of papers that match submissions to their courses from ISU instructors.

Create a Turnitin assignment in Moodle ISU

When creating a Turnitin assignment, you will need to first add the Turnitin LTI link, and then set the assignment settings within the Turnitin interface.

Add the Turnitin LTI link

  1. In the topic where you wish to add the Turnitin activity, click Add an activity or resource.         

  2. In the Activity name, type the name of the assignment.

  3. In the Grade section, enter the maximum grade.  The default is 100.

Note: You will not need to change any of the other settings, as this is only establishing the connection to Turnitin.

  1. Click Save and Display to open the Turnitin Settings

Set the Turnitin assignment settings

  1. On the course page, click the Turnitin assignment link and click the Settings.

  2. You can edit the Title and Instructions for this assignment.

  3. In the Max Grade field, enter the max grade.

  4. Enter the Start Date and Due Date.

  5. Enter the Feedback Release Date.

  6. Review the Optional Settings to determine if papers are kept in Turnitin, students are allowed to see the similarity reports, modify items such as allow resubmission, allow students to view similarity reports, a grade with a rubric, and other settings.

Note: You can save your optional settings for future use.

Note: Find more information about the Optional setting, please see Turnitin’s Assignment settings

Click Submit to save your settings.


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