Lesson Activity: Adding Pages [Faculty]


The lesson module enables you to create an adaptive learning experience consisting of a series of pages containing multimedia content or questions.

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Import questions

  • Add a content page

  • Add a question page

  • Add a cluster

  • Edit an existing lesson page

  • Seek further assistance

If you need to learn how to add a lesson, or learn about the lesson settings, see Lesson Activity: Settings [Faculty]

Import Questions

Questions can be imported in a variety of formats. The question types that can be imported from the Quiz question bank into a lesson are the following: Essay, Matching, Multichoice, Numerical, Short answer, and True/false.

  1. In your lesson, click the Edit tab

  2. Select the Expanded

  3. Click Import questions


  1. From the File format dropdown menu, select the desired format


  1. Click Choose a file

  2. In the Filepicker popup, click Upload file, select Choose File


  1. Follow the steps of the computer to find and upload your file

  2. Once the file is loaded, click Upload this file

  3. At the bottom of the page, click Import

Add a Content Page

This is a page where you can provide information or multimedia to move the lesson forward but without requiring the student to answer specific questions.

  1. In your lesson, click the Edit tab.

  2. Select Expanded.

  3. Click Add a content page.


Add a content page

  1. In the Page title textbox, Type a title.

  2. In the Page contents text box, provide information or multimedia.

Content #

  1. In the Content # sections, Name the different options and assign where the option will take the participant. (i.e. if participant choose ‘yes’, jump to page 2; if participant choose ‘no’ jump to page 5)

  2. Click Save page.

Add a Question Page

In Add a question page, you have the option to choose essay, matching, multichoice, numerical, short answer, or true/false.

  1. In your lesson, Click the Edit tab.

  2. Select Expanded.

  3. Click Add a question page here.


  1. In the Select a question type dropdown menu, choose the desired question type


[Note: Although there are different question types and formats they all will have a similar creation process. For any additional help or information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email itrc@isu.edu]

  1. Click Add a Question Page button

  2. In the Page title textbox, type the title.

  3. In the Page contents textbox, type The question

To learn about the different question types, see Moodle.org: Building Lesson - Question types

  1. In the Answer 1 section, type one of the possible answers depending on the question type you selected.

  2. In the Response box, you can type feedback to the answer selection.

  3. From the Jump dropdown menu, choose which page should come next in your lesson if the student selects that answer. (i.e. if participant choose ‘yes’, jump to page 2; if participant choose ‘no’ jump to page 5)

  4. In the Score box, Type a numerical value to be assigned to the answer.

    • The Score is only enabled when custom scoring has been enabled in the settings.

    • The Score can be a positive number or a negative number.

  5. Repeat steps 8-11 for each respective answer

  6. Click Save Page

Add a Cluster

A cluster is a specific set of pages - both content and question pages. This allows you to control the flow path of the lesson.

  1. In the desired Lesson, Click the Edit tab

  2. Select Expanded

  3. Click Add a Cluster


[Note: Your cluster will be added and it will have its own editing toolbar]""

  1. In the editing toolbar you will have 5 options to edit you cluster

    • Double Arrow icon- Allows you to move and change the order of your lesson plan

    • Gear icon - Will take you to the settings page of the cluster

    • Divided box icon - Replicates that cluster (creates a copy)

    • Magnifying glass icon - allows you to preview the cluster

    • Trash Can icon - Allows you to delete the cluster

Edit Cluster

  1. To edit the Cluster, select the gear icon

  2. In the Page title text box Type the cluster page title

  3. In the page contents text box, type instructions or contents

  4. Pick a text format from the drop down list

    • HTML format - This format allows you to use almost any HTML tags you like to produce the effect you want.

    • Moodle auto-format - This format is best for when you are using normal web forms for entry (instead of using the text editor).

    • Plain text format - This format is useful when you need to include lots of code or HTML that you want to be displayed exactly as you wrote it.

    • Markdown format - This format Tries to make it easy as possible to type well-formatted XHTML pages using nothing but text written more or less like you would write an email.

For more information visit, Moodle.org: Formatting text

  1. From the Jump dropdown menu Select what page should come next in you lesson

  2. Click Save Page

For more information on how clusters work, see Moodle.org: Lesson clusters

Edit an Existing Lesson Page

After you have created a question page, content page, or cluster page. You can continue to edit the lesson pages. You can make changes anytime to lesson pages.

  1. Find the Lesson that you would like to edit

  2. Click the Edit tab

  3. Find the page you want to edit

  4. Click the gear icon


[Note: Collapsed or Expanded view is the same information displayed differently]

  1. Make the necessary edits

  2. Click Save Page

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact, ITRC at (208) 282 5880 or itrc@isu.edu

For more information please visit, Moodle.org:

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