Quiz Activity: Identify Quiz Question Types [Student]


Below are explanations of the different types of questions that you may see in your quizzes.  If you have any questions about a quiz, contact your instructor.

This Guide Will Help You to Identify:

Drag and Drop into Text

Drag the correct word into the gap that is provided for you.


Drag and Drop Markers 

Drag the small target symbol into the correct area on the image.


Drag and Drop onto Image 

Drag the correct word or image into the predefined areas on the background image.


Essay Questions 

Type your response in the textbox. This type of question is manually graded.


Matching Questions 

Select the appropriate response from the dropdown list of answers.


Multiple Choice 

Select from the multiple choice answers provided.



You must Enter a numerical answer in the box.


Select Missing Words 

From each dropdown menu, Select the answer that best fits to fill in the blank.


Short Answer 

Type your response in the box. Your response is likely to be just a few words


True or False 

Select from the answers provided.


Further Assistance 

If you have any additional technology/computer questions, contact the IT Help Desk

If your have questions regarding your course, contact your instructor.

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