Quiz Activity: Review a Quiz [Student]

Quiz Activity: Review a Quiz [Student]


The quiz tool in Moodle ISU can be used to assess learning. Sometimes assessments can be titled differently by your instructors. They might be called exams, tests, quizzes, etc.

This Guide Will Help You to:

Review a Quiz Attempt

There are two options to access the quiz once it has been completed.

  1. Click on the quiz that you wish to view from the week it was posted.


  1. Click Review to be directed to the Review of attempts page.


[Note: Instructors may choose to disable quiz review options. If you do not see the option to review your quiz attempt, contact your instructor.]

Locate review of attempts page

The Review of attempts page will show several informational tools available to you. Information on the summary of attempts page includes:

  • Quiz Navigation Block

  • Question Answers/Feedback

  • General Information

  • Flag Option

Identify general information about the quiz attempt

  • Started on: Lists the day of the week, month, day, year, and time that the quiz was started.

  • State: Displays the status of the attempt.

  • Completed on: Lists the day of the week, month, day, year, and time that the quiz was completed.

  • Time taken: States the amount of time that it took you to complete the quiz.

  • Grade: States the number of questions that you answered correctly out of the number of questions available. The grade area will also give you a percentage earned for the quiz.


Navigate a quiz

  • The Quiz Navigation block allows you to view quiz questions by selecting the question number listed in the block. You can also view all of the questions on one page by clicking Show all questions on one page.

  • The question numbers that are green with a check mark on the bottom of the number indicate a correct answer. Numbers that are red on the bottom of the number indicate an incorrect answer. If a number is gray on the bottom, it requires the professor to grade it. Numbers that are yellow with a dot are partially correct. 

  • When reviewing your attempt, you can navigate back to the homepage by clicking Finish review.


Find question answer/feedback area

The Review attempts page will display:

  • The questions from the quiz

  • Your answer

  • The correct answer

  • Any feedback or notes that your instructor has left for the question.

[Note: You will only see information on this screen that has been released by the instructor. Contact your instructor with any questions.]

Flag a question

When you review your quiz, you will see any questions that you may have flagged while you were taking it. This helps you keep track of a particular question if you need to discuss it with your instructor.


Seek Further Assistance

If you have any additional technology/computer questions, contact the IT Help Desk

If you have questions regarding your course, contact your instructor.

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