Quiz Activity: Adjusting a Quiz Grade [Faculty]

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The quiz activity will automatically distribute the number of points across the max grade you have entered.

The quiz function in Moodle ISU allows instructors to set a question’s worth within the activity or to let Moodle ISU automatically distribute the questions across the maximum grade.

After students’ have completed the quiz you can make some adjustments.

[Warning: Do not make any changes to a quiz while the quiz is open. Unexpected issues may occur for students who are currently taking the quiz.]

For more information about Moodle quizzes:

This guide will help you to:

Change the maximum grade

By default, the maximum grade for a quiz is set at 100. You can change this number to match your grading.  Moodle ISU will automatically distribute the questions across your maximum grade.

  1. Select the Title of the quiz.

  2. In the Activity Navigation menu, select Questions.


  1. Locate the Maximum grade box.

  2. Enter the total number of points for the quiz.

  3. Select Save


[Note: You can change the maximum grade after students have attempted the quiz, and the grades will be regraded automatically.]

Change the maximum grade for an individual question

Be default each question has a weight of 1, unless changed in the question settings. If there are 10 questions in a quiz with a maximum grade of 20, Moodle ISU will automaticall calculate the final grade with 2 points per question.

[Note: You can change the weight of an individual question, but Moodle ISU will automatically redistribute the points.]

To change the number of points a specific question is worth:

  1. Select the Title of the quiz.

  2. In the Course Navigation menu, select Questions.

  3. Locate the question you would like to edit.

  4. Select the pencil icon (edit maximum mark).

  5. Enter the new number.

  6. On your keyboard, select Enter.

  7. Repeat this process for each question.  


[Warning: Setting a question to 0 will pull the question out of the calculation; however, Moodle ISU will redistribute the remaining points accordingly. This may result in some students’ grades going down instead of up.]

Change an answer on a quiz question

Correct answers can be changed. This may be needed to allow multiple correct answers, or to “throw out” a question by giving everyone credit.

[Note: Questions can have multiple answers set to 100%]

  1. Select the Title of the quiz.

  2. In the Course Navigation menu, select Questions.

  3. Locate the question you would like to edit.

  4. Select the gear icon (edit question) next to the question.


  1. In the Answers section, locate the answers you would like to change.

  2. In the Grade drop-down menu, set the answer to 100% to indicate a correct response.


  1. Scroll to the bottom and select Save changes.

[Note: If your students have already attempted the quiz, you will need to run a regrade to make the change(s) final. See the instructions below to Regrade a quiz.]

Regrade a quiz

If you have made changes to maximum points, individual question points, answers, or other items that would affect automatically graded attempts, you will need to regrade the quiz.

  1. Select the Title of the quiz.

  2. In the Activity Navigation menu, select Results.

    1. You can also Select the Attempts link.


  1. Above the results table, select Regrade all.

Note: You can select the “Dry run a full regrade” option as a test to view the results of the changes you have made to quiz points or question answer options before attempting a full regrade.


  1. After the regrade has completed, select Continue.


  1. If the changes made to the quiz affect a student’s quiz attempt, the old grade will have a line through it and the new grade will appear below it.


[Note: You will need to run regrade after making changes to individual questions.]

Add extra credit to a quiz

[Warning: The quiz activity currently does not have a built in extra credit feature. If you would like to add extra credit contact the ITRC: phone - (208) 282 5880 , email itrc@isu.edu]

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance, please contact the ITRC at (208) 282-5880 or itrc@isu.edu

For more information, please visit Moodle.org: Quiz reports

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