TeamDynamix Training Materials

TeamDynamix (TDX) Team Member Handbook

This handbook is an introduction to the TeamDynamix Project and Portfolio Management Application.  If you encounter problems while using TeamDynamix, ask your TDX administrator to check your security roles and permissions.  Team Member Handbook

Manager Training Supplement (TeamDynamix Application Training)

This document summarizes some of the more common activities:

  • Create a Project Request
  • Review a Project Request
  • Convert a Project Request to a Project
  • Directly Create a New Project
  • Project Management and Administration
  • Creating Project Tasks
  • Assigning Work to Resources
  • Using the Backlog Manager  

If you encounter problems while using TeamDynamix, ask your TDX administrator to check your security roles and permissions.  Training Supplement for Managers

TeamDynamix Knowledge Base

Other resources are available within the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base located at

TigerTracks Knowledge Base

Information regarding the structure and process related to the Projects/Workspaces application is located at  Knowledge Base/Staff/Projects.


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