Changing the Project Status from In Process to Complete

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Instructions for changing project statuses and the difference between completed and deactivated projects. 
  • How do I change project status?
  • What is a deactivated project?
  • How do I complete a project?
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Project Completion
Have you noticed that you are unable to change to project status to "Complete" from "In-Process"?  You have changed the percent complete to 100%, but nothing has happened.  Why?
The "Complete" status is one that is available only when you are at the point of closing the project.
Completing the Project
Note: If you close a project without deactivating it, various sections of the project can still be edited.  
  • CAN NOT add or modify plans or tasks on them; While closing the project, you can choose to close out any still open Tasks, Risks, and Issues
  • CAN continue to enter time
  • Briefcase / File Cabinet is NOT Accessible 
  • Role forecasts CAN NOT be manipulated
  • Resources CAN NOT be added or removed
  • CAN NOT add milestone, baselines, contacts, issues, links or add items to the risk register.
Difference between Completed vs. Deactivated Project
Deactivating a project does not necessarily mean that the project has been complete.
Both options allow reporting on a project, but the close option allows the project manager to do more things.
 If you deactivate a project without closing it:
  • Allows the project manager to edit various sections of the project
  • Prevents adding plans/tasks
  • Prevents time entry
Recommendation - Review, Close, Deactivate Later
Ensure that your project documentation is comprehensive and "mop up" any things that need to be taken care of.  
  • Add items to your briefcase and to the File Cabinet for later access.  
  • Ensure that time cards have been submitted for final efforts.
Once all time has been recorded and documentation has been added to the briefcase, you can close your project.
  1. Go to Manage Projects/Workspaces
  2. Select your project and go to Actions > Close
  3. Select the status
  4. Confirm project health
  5. Confirm percent complete
  6. Notify others of project completion
When a project is deactivated, the project is removed from the project list of every member of the project.  It is essentially archived; however, the project manager can activate the project at any time to restore it to the Active section of the Management console and give others access to the project and workspace again.  
In order to Deactivate / Activate a project, the project manager must:  
  1. Navigate to "Applications then Projects."
  2. In the left navigator, select the appropriate project.
  3. Select the "Project Details" tab.
  4. Click on the green Actions button
  5. Select "Deactivate" from the list.
    • Note: If the project is not active, the user may activate the project by clicking on the green "Activate Project" button.


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