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Services or Offerings?
Self-service device registration portal for DeviceNet.

Request a new DNS record. Update an existing DNS record. Request the removal of an existing record.

Request that we email you when mail and packages arrive at the mail center.

Report a problem with your telephone by filling out a NetCom workorder.

Request a mail forward to have your mail sent to a new address temporarily or permanently.

Establish a permanent or temporary mail hold.

Installing new network jacks, modifying existing network jacks, pulling network cables, etc.

Requesting repair services from the on-campus Electronics Repair Shop, which offers repair for broken computer hardware, monitors, etc.

Request repair services for a broken printer or to have toner cartridge recharged.

ITS is responsible for all telephone moves, adds, or changes. This includes but is not limited to: installing new telephone jacks, moving existing telephone jacks, pulling telephone cables, etc.

This form is required for any Telephone Move, Add, or Change that will result in a new recurring charge.

Request toner cartridge recharge through the on-campus Electronics Repair Shop which offers cartridge recharge services for printers, copiers, and multi-function machines.

Report a problem reaching the internet, internal ISU resources or with network related error messages on a wired network.