Network Move, Add or Change.

How to Request

Click the Request Service button and complete the request form.

Service Description

NetCom is responsible for all Network Moves, Adds, and Changes. This includes installing new network jacks, modifying existing network jacks, pulling network cables, etc.

Standard Features

  • Request a new network port.
  • Request a new network cable pull.
  • Request activation of an existing network port.
  • Request relocation of an existing network port.

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities:

  • The User needs to fill out the required form.

Service Provider Responsibilities:

  • Receive the network move, add, or change and respond appropriately.

Service Audience

Network moves, adds, and changes can be requested by any ISU Faculty or Staff.

Service Pricing

Pricing estimates for various network moves, adds, and changes can be requested via the NetCom workorder page.

Request Service


Service ID: 24264
Wed 11/8/17 10:28 AM
Mon 11/21/22 7:51 AM