Email Notification of Mail

How to Request
Click the Request Mail Notification button and complete the request form.
Service Description
Expecting a package? We can send you email notifications each time you have a package ready to be picked up.
Standard Features
  • The user provides their name.
  • The user provides their email address.
  • The user provides their current building address.
Roles and Responsibilities
User Responsibilities
  • The user needs to fill out the required form.
Service Provider Responsibilities
  • The user will be notified when package(s) arrive.
Service Audience
Mail Notifications can be requested by anyone with an ISU on-campus mailing address.
Service Pricing
This service is provided at no additional charge.
Request Mail Notification


Service ID: 24263
Wed 11/8/17 10:27 AM
Fri 12/22/23 12:52 PM