Services and request forms for problems and permissions with telephones and mail.

Services (8)

Caller ID Change

Caller ID implementation or change.

Email Notification of Mail

Request that we email you when mail and packages arrive at the mail center.

Experiencing a Telephone Problem

Report a problem with your telephone by filling out a NetCom workorder.

ISU Directory Update

Use this form if you need to request an update to your listing in the Directory located at

Mail Forward

Request a mail forward to have your mail sent to a new address temporarily or permanently.

Mail Hold

Establish a permanent or temporary mail hold.

Telephone Moves, Adds, or Changes

ITS is responsible for all telephone moves, adds, or changes. This includes but is not limited to: installing new telephone jacks, moving existing telephone jacks, pulling telephone cables, etc.

Telephone Privileges Request

This form is required for any Telephone Move, Add, or Change that will result in a new recurring charge.