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How to Request

Click Request Duo Token 

Service Description 
Idaho State University (ISU) faculty, staff, and students may request a hardware token for Duo Authentication. A hardware token is a small electronic security device that may be attached to a keychain. Tokens are assigned to users to generate an authentication code to access ISU services.   
  • Note: Using the Duo Mobile app is free while using the Token option incurs a cost to ISU for you to access your ISU accounts securely.
    • Limit of one (1) no-cost token per person.
Roles or Responsibilities
User Responsibilities:
Provide details related to the request:
  1. Select your Affiliation (faculty, staff, or student)
  2. Type your Name in the Requestor field to identify the correct account
  3. Select your Account or Department
  4. Select your Campus Affiliation 
  5. Type your Preferred Contact Phone Number
  6. Read the General Agreements 
  7. Check the Duo I agree box
  8. Provide an explanation of why you want to use a Duo token rather than the Duo Mobile App
  9. Click Submit
Service Provider Responsibilities
  • Evaluation of business case and access requirements.
  • Coordination of approval authorizations. 
How much does it cost?
Duo tokens are available to ISU faculty, staff, and students at no cost. 
Request Duo Token


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