Duo Security Token Request

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How to Request

Click Request Duo Token 

Service Description 
Idaho State University (ISU) faculty, staff, and students may request a hardware token for Duo Authentication. A hardware token is a small electronic security device that may be attached to a keychain. Tokens are assigned to users to generate an authentication code to access ISU services.   
  • Note: Using the Duo Mobile app is free while using the Token option incurs a cost to ISU for you to access your ISU accounts securely.
    • Limit of one (1) no-cost token per person.
Who Can Use It
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
Roles or Responsibilities
User Responsibilities:
Provide details related to the request, including:
  • Faculty and Staff
    • Name
    • ISU Username
    • Department
    • Campus Location
    • Contact Number
    • Supervisor's or Dean's Name
  • Students
    • Name
    • ISU Username
    • Campus Location
    • Contact Number
Service Provider Responsibilities
  • Evaluation of business case and access requirements.
  • Coordination of approval authorizations. 
How much Does It Cost?

One (1) Duo token is available to ISU faculty, staff, and students at no cost. 

Request Duo Token


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