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The ISU Zoom Account allows faculty/staff to use web conferencing.

Submit an Affiliation Agreement for review to the Office of General Counsel. "Affiliation Agreements" are contracts between ISU and outside hospitals, facilities, and clinics, which generally do not include an exchange of money. These agreements allow students in the healthcare programs to participate in clinical internship placements and fulfill academic requirements. The process requires submission of a proposed agreement from either party outlining the terms of the agreement.

Other agreements may be categorized as Affiliation Agreements, so please contact the Office of General Counsel if you have any question regarding which contract category to use when submitting an agreement.

If you need to establish an agreement, but do not have a written agreement, contact the Office of General Counsel at extension 3022 or 2683.

Submit a general contract for review to the Office of General Counsel. “Contract” means any document, electronic or physical, that requires ISU signature or that may impose obligations on ISU or may obligate another party, including, but not limited to:

Addendums; Agreements; Amendments/Changes; Consultant Agreements; Employment Contracts- including Family Medicine Residents; End User License Agreements; Equipment Rentals and Leases; LOA - Letters of Agreement; LOI - Letters of Intent; Licensing Agreements; Modifications; MOA – Memorandums of Agreement; MOU – Memorandums of Understanding; Purchases or Sale of Goods and Services; Real Estate Agreements – purchases, sales, rentals, licenses, and leases; Service Agreements; Terms and Conditions; and Warranties.

Request that we email you when mail and packages arrive at the mail center.

Requesting repair services from the on-campus Electronics Repair Shop, which offers repair for broken computer hardware, monitors, etc.

Request to be given a copy of JMP software and ISU license.

Request that your ISU Password for Bengalweb, ISU Email, Moodle, etc be changed.

On occasion, an individual may have multiple accounts in Banner. This service request is to merge those accounts into one.

Attempt to look at one request for all access.

Installing new network jacks, modifying existing network jacks, pulling network cables, etc.

Request more printing for use in the ISU Computer Labs.

Request Access to Enterprise-wide Application Software

Request to remove an employee's access due to a change in duties or termination.

Self-service device registration portal for DeviceNet.

Submit a request for new desktop software to be installed on your ISU owned equipment.

Request to have a wallpaper promoting a university sponsored event to be displayed to lab users.

Report a problem with your ISU owned computing equipment or software.

Request public records under Idaho Code §§ 74-101 through 74-126

Report a problem with your telephone by filling out a NetCom workorder.

ITS is responsible for all telephone moves, adds, or changes. This includes but is not limited to: installing new telephone jacks, moving existing telephone jacks, pulling telephone cables, etc. Any new service that will result in a recurring fee will require an approved Telephone Privileges Request.

Request or Find a Report utilizing the ISU enterprise database information

Request to have a new ISU printer setup and connected to.

Submit a scantron test for grading by the IT Service Desk.

Faculty can request to digitize VHS/DVD segments for Moodle ISU, or edit videos from Distance Learning class recordings.