Popular Services

Request account services for a student employee, affiliate/adjunct faculty, temporary, or retired employee.

Request a physical Duo security token.

Request VPN Access for an ISU Employee, vendor or student.

This service is reserved and used for requesting a quote for any of the Adobe enterprise licensed software. All Adobe software purchases are reconciled back to departmental Index codes.

Use this form if you need to request an update to your listing in the Directory located at directory.isu.edu

Please log in if you have not already done so and you know your username and password by clicking "Sign in" in the upper right hand corner of your browser window.

This will allow you to avoid the CAPTCHA and view updates on your ticket.

This form is required for any Telephone Move, Add, or Change that will result in a new recurring charge.

Request a change to the firewall to get access from your office, home or VPN to restricted ISU Resources.

Self-service device registration portal for DeviceNet.

Request repair services for a broken printer or to have toner cartridge recharged.

Service Catalog and Knowledge Base form to request content additions, information changes, and additional tags or search terms.

Request to be given a copy of JMP software and ISU license.

ITS is responsible for all telephone moves, adds, or changes. This includes but is not limited to: installing new telephone jacks, moving existing telephone jacks, pulling telephone cables, etc.

MyISU custom card, content, or link request form for Faculty, Staff, Students, and other ISU Affiliates.

Headphone checkout in Rendezvous and Library computer lab.

Request to have a wallpaper promoting a university sponsored event to be displayed to lab users.

Request that your ISU Password for Bengalweb, ISU Email, Moodle, etc be changed.

Submit a request for new desktop software to be installed on your ISU owned equipment.

Point of Contacts for the ISU website - isu.edu

Report a network outage or problem.

View and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files

Report a problem with your ISU owned computing equipment or software.

Request toner cartridge recharge through the on-campus Electronics Repair Shop which offers cartridge recharge services for printers, copiers, and multi-function machines.

Request or Find a Report utilizing the ISU enterprise database information

If you enjoy helping people and solving problems, and like to learn about technology, the IT Service Desk is the place for you. We hire students of all majors. We offer flexible schedules and a fun and friendly work environment.