Overview: Share HIPAA-Sensitive Videos from Box ISU to Moodle ISU [Faculty]


This document will provide an overview of how to add HIPAA-sensitive videos to your Box ISU and link them into your Moodle ISU Course.

[Note: Lecture videos or other course videos that are not HIPAA-sensitive should be uploaded to your Google Drive.]

This Guide Will Help You to:

Log into Box ISU

  1. Go to Box ISU

  2. Select Continue

  3. Type your ISU Username

  4. Type your Password

  5. Select Submit

Create a Box ISU Folder for your Moodle ISU Course

  1. On your computer, go to Box ISU and sign in

  2. On the right, select the New + button and select Folder from the drop down menu


  1. When the Create a New Folder pop-up window appears, enter a name for your Folder (Name it after your course i.e. ITRC 1101, Spring 2025)

  2. You can invite additional people to have access using their ISU email address

  3. Select the Permission Level for those people

  4. Select Create


Add files to your Box ISU folder

  1. Go to Box ISU

  2. Locate and select your desired folder

    1. If you use your Moodle ISU course name and term for your folders you can organize your videos, files, and other content by course.

  3. At the top right, select New and then File Upload or Folder Upload.

    1. You may also drag and drop files into the middle section of your browser.

  4. Choose the file or folder you want to upload from your computer.

Share a single video file

  1. Go to Box ISU

  2. Locate and select your desired file

  3. On the right side of your video file, select Copy Shared Link

  1. In the pop-up window that appears, select the People with the link drop-down menu

  2. Change this to People with the link

  1. In the second drop-down option, change this to Can view only

  1. Select Copy to copy it to your clipboard

[Note: It is important that the share link be set to Can view only in order to avoid HIPAA violations.]

Add the Shared link into Your Moodle ISU Course

  1. On your computer, log in  to elearn.isu.edu/moodle.

  2. Open your course and enable Edit mode

  3. Find the specific week and select Add an activity

  4. Select the URL activity type, select Add

  5. In the name field, type the name of the shared resource

  6. In the External URL, paste the shareable link

  7. Select Save and return to course

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance, please contact the ITRC at (208) 282-5880 or itrc@isu.edu

For more information, please visit:

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