Quiz Activity 3.1: Adding Questions to a Quiz in Moodle ISU [Faculty]


Before adding question to your quiz, you should have already created questions in your Question bank, and have created a Quiz activity in your course.

If you have not yet done these two steps, see:

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Add questions to a quiz

  • Add random questions to a quiz

  • Set question points and maximum grade

  • Reorder questions

  • Preview a quiz

  • Seek further assistance

Add questions to a quiz

  1. Select the quiz you wish to edit

  2. In the Settings gear Menu, select Edit quiz


  1. Select Add on the right of the page


[Note: If you would like the order of the questions to be shuffled, check the Shuffle box above Add]

  1. From the dropdown menu select from question bank


  1. The adding questions window will pop up. Select the questions you would like to add to the quiz by checking the boxes next to the questions

    • To select all questions, check the top most box next to the letter T


  1. At the bottom of the page, click Add selected questions to the quiz


[Note: There is not a Save button. Once your questions are added to the quiz, the quiz will save automatically.]

Add random questions to a quiz

You can have your quiz randomly generated for each of your students by adding questions randomly from your question bank

  1. Select the quiz you wish to edit

  2. In the Administration block, select Edit quiz

  3. Select Add on the right side of the page

  4. Select a random question from the dropdown


  1. From the top of your Add a random question box, select the category containing the questions you would like to use

  2. From the random questions from an existing category, select the number of questions to be added randomly

    • You cannot add more random questions than the number of questions in the category

    • The questions will not be duplicated in the quiz


  1. Click Add random question.

[Note: There is not a Save button. Once the questions are added to the quiz, the quiz will save automatically.]

Set question points and maximum grade

The maximum grade of a quiz is determined in the quiz settings. For example: A quiz with 20 questions could have a maximum grade of 20 points. This makes each correct answer worth 1 point. However if you set the maximum grade at 40 but only had 20 questions that would make each question worth 2 points.

  1. Select the quiz you wish to edit

  2. In the Administration block, select Edit quiz

[Note: By default, each question is worth one “mark” or weight. If all of your questions are worth the same amount of points, continue to step four.]

  1. To change the worth of a question, click the pencil icon to the right of a question

    • The mark will highlight - you can now change the number

[Note: To save the change to the weight you must press Enter. If you click off of the weight, it will cancel.]

To set the maximum grade

  1. In the Maximum grade field, type the value for the Maximum grade

  2. Click Save


[Note: If you have 10 points, and a Maximum grade of 100, this would make every mark equal 10 points. Therefore, a question that has 1 mark assigned to it would be worth 10 points, and 2 marks would be worth 20. If you change the maximum grade from the default 100, that will automatically change the value of the marks to fit the maximum grade. If you have questions, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email itrc@isu.edu]

Reorder questions

  1. To move the question up or down, click and hold the crossed arrows then drag the question to its new position


[Note: There is not a Save button. Once you move the questions, the quiz will be automatically saved.]

Add a page

Instructors can add a page within a quiz. Pages creates breaks between questions. An instructor can add pages either by repaginating or by manually adding the pages between the questions.

[Note:  It is recommended that quiz questions be split into separate pages. If all questions are on one page and the student experiences an issue with the browser or internet connectivity, their quiz will not be saved. A quiz autosaves when a student navigates to a new page.]

  1. Select Repaginate in the upper left


  1. Select the number of questions that you would like per page


Manually add a page

  1. Add new pages by click the arrow icons (the ones pointing away from each other) on the left side of the questions


Manually remove a page

  1. Remove pages by clicking the arrow icon (the ones pointing towards each other) on the left side of the questions


Preview a quiz

Previewing a quiz allows an instructor to view a quiz in the eyes of a student. This allows the instructor to review the quiz formatting and to look for errors.

  1. Select the quiz you wish to preview

  2. In the Gear icon, click Preview

[Note: You can also preview individual questions in the Edit quiz section by clicking on the magnifying glass. If you are using a password for your quiz, you will need to enter the password to preview the quiz. You will see the quiz almost the same way a student will see the quiz. Students do not see the Edit question button, nor do they have all the options in the Administration block.]

  1. Go through the quiz and verify that it is set up as desired.

    • If you need to correct a question, Click Edit question next to the question.

    • To make any changes to the order, pagination, or to remove/add questions, in the Gear icon, Select Edit quiz.

  2. Click Finish quiz to see the same review screen that your students will see when they finish their quiz.

[Note: In preview mode, an instructor will only see options that students are able to view.]

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact, ITRC at (208) 282 5880 or itrc@isu.edu

For more information see, Moodle.org: Building Quiz


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