Claim your ISU Account

Welcome to the Idaho State University family! By claiming your account, you can access MyISU, Moodle, WiFi, and other ISU programs. 
  • Important Information
    • Users should never share their username and password. 
Let’s get started!
  1. Look for an email from to claim your ISU account.
    • Notes:
      • You will receive the email at your ISU email or Account Claim email address.
      • If you don't receive an email at your ISU email address or are unsure what your Account Claim email is, please contact the IT Service Desk at (208)282-4357. A technician will verify your identity and send the Claim Your ISU Account email to your ISU email address.
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the email carefully.
    1. Copy the Account Claim String (code)
    2. Click on the Claim Link to open the Password and Account Management Portal.
Claim Your Account
  1. Enter your user information
    • This screen verifies your identity before setting up your account.
      1. Type your Account Claim Email
        • Note: This is the email address where your Account Claim Email was sent.
      2. Paste the Account Claim String (code)
        • Note: This is the sequence of numbers and letters you copied from the email.
      3. Type your Date of Birth
        • Please type your date of birth in the mm/dd/yyyy format.
      4. Check the Captcha Check Box to indicate that you aren't a robot.
      5. Click SUBMIT
  2. Review and accept terms of use
    1. Idaho State University Acceptable Use Policy to review the statement and the policies if needed.
    2. Click ACCEPT
      • Note: If you click DECLINE, you cannot complete setting up your account.
  3. User Details
    • This screen displays your assigned ISU Username. Your username is based on the preferred name you gave ISU and is not something you can change.
      1. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Verify your identity
    • This screen walks you through setting up an authentication method.
      1. Select one of the following:
        • "By authenticating on my mobile device using Duo."
        • "By authenticating via a pin sent to your mobile device."
        • "By authenticating via a pin sent to your email."
      2. Click NEXT.
      3. Click Send Me a Push or enter your pin and click Validate.
  1. Create and confirm your new password
    • Create a new password following the password rules.
      1. Type your New Password
      2. Re-type your Password
      3. Click RESET PASSWORD
  • If the passwords match, you will get a message saying you have successfully reset your password.
  • If the passwords do NOT match, you will get a message asking you to re-enter your password.
  • If your chosen password does not meet the Password rules, it will not be accepted, and you will be asked to enter a password that meets the regulations.
    • Note: The screen will display which rules your password did not meet.  

Fischer Identity Management

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