Services and request forms for problems and permissions for coursework and classes.

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Services and request forms for problems and permissions for video elements in the classroom.

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Affiliation Agreement

This allows programs to submit Affiliation Agreements for legal review to the Office of General Counsel. "Affiliation Agreements" are contracts between ISU and outside healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and schools, which provide students and residents in healthcare programs opportunities to participate in clinical internships, practicums, and rotations in order to fulfill academic requirements. The process requires submission of a proposed agreement from either party which outlines the terms of the student placements.

Other agreements and amendments may also be categorized as Affiliation Agreements, so please check with the Office of General Counsel if you are not sure which contract category to use when submitting an agreement. For questions and comments contact Jason Russell at or call (208) 282-5274.

Community Course

A Community course is for those who are not affiliated with ISU but still want a Moodle course.

Equipment Reservation

The ITRC has equipment available for check out to support academic purposes at ISU.

ITRC On-Demand Training

Sign-up for a wide variety of workshops. Implement specific tools in Moodle, discuss concepts in course design, or learn other tools that assist in an online learning environment.


A Metacourse is when two or more Academic courses are combined into one.

Special Course

A Special course is a Non-Academic course that can be used for developing future courses or be a resource page for students or faculty.