Instructions and information on how to use Moodle.

Categories (7)

Getting Started with Moodle

Information on the basics of Moodle, including general navigation and procedures.

Activities and Resources

Instructions and information on creating and using forums, quizzes, assignments, and course materials in Moodle ISU

Settings and Administration

Instructions on adjusting course settings, creating backups, and creating and managing groups. .


Instructions and information on setting up the Moodle gradebook and grading activities.

Moodle Blocks

Information on using additional moodle tools for email, retention, and calendaring.

Staff Solutions for Moodle ISU

Articles of known workarounds and limitations found in the Moodle LMS. This category is only visible to ITRC members.

Accessibility+ Toolkit

Instructions and information on the Accessibility+ Toolkit to make Moodle course content accessible.