Instructions and links to help new faculty members get off to a good start at Idaho State University. Welcome!

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Getting Started with Moodle

Information on the basics of Moodle, including general navigation and procedures.

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Pinned Article ITS Service Desk

List and links to the services ITS provides to faculty, staff, and students.

Accessing your Class List

Instructions on how to get to a complete class list for the classes that you teach.

BengalWeb Introduction

An overview of BengalWeb and the services it provides

Claiming Your ISU Account

Instructions on how to claim your ISU Account under the Identity Management System.

Connecting to TigerNet

TigerNet is the standard network for student, faculty, and staff use. This article covers how to connect to TigerNet from various devices.

Degree Works: User Quick Guide

Instructions on how to use DegreeWorks

Faculty and Non-Classified Staff Time Entry

Instructions on how to enter time for non-classified staff and faculty.

Faculty Grade Entry

Refer to this document for instructions to enter student grades.

Faculty Initiated Drop for Student Non-Attendance

Instructions on how faculty can drop a student from their class who has not shown up to class.