Instructions and information on applications available in BengalWeb, including class lists, grade entry, and overrides. If you have a situation or questions not covered here, please contact our Service Desk at 208.282.4357 so we can help you work out a solution.

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Instructions and information on classroom applications in BengalWeb, including accessing class lists, entering grades, and doing overrides.


Instructions and information on tools available in BengalWeb for faculty who are advising students, including DegreeWorks and registration.

Faculty Tools

Articles specifically for faculty tools.

Articles (10)

Adding or Changing Preferred First Name

Instructions on how to enter or change your preferred first name in BengalWeb.

BengalWeb Application Availability

What applications need VPN access and what applications can be accessed directly while working remotely.

BengalWeb How Do I...

The How Do I... page in BengalWeb contains easy links to many helpful sites.

BengalWeb Introduction

An overview of BengalWeb and the services it provides.

ISU Alerts

Instructions for how to set up or modify your emergency contact numbers so you can be reached in an emergency.

ISU ID Channel

Where to find your ISU ID.

Logging In and Out of BengalWeb

How to log in and out of BengalWeb

My Registration and Schedule Information (My Profile)

Instructions on using the My Profile tool in BengalWeb to look up your class schedule, major, and other personal information.

Personal Information Self Service

How to find your personal information in BengalWeb so you can make changes and updates