Instructions on using the Zoom Activity in Moodle ISU. Includes how to set up and schedule meetings in Moodle ISU.

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URL Resource: Zoom Meeting Link [Faculty]

For scenarios when the Zoom Activity provides unnecessary features, hosts can choose instead to simply link a single meeting to their Moodle ISU course.

Zoom Activity (1): Overview

The Zoom Activity supports the ability to schedule/join/manage meetings within Moodle ISU.

Zoom Activity (2): Set up

The Zoom activity acts like a hub for your course that can be used to schedule sessions, start/join meetings, and review reports and recordings.

Zoom Activity (3): Schedule a Meeting

The Zoom activity within Moodle ISU acts like a meeting hub for your course; Instructors can schedule meetings for single events,  specific occurrences, or meetings with no fixed time.

Zoom Activity (4): Moodle ISU Errors

A common error message that ONLY applies to  Teachers, TAs, Designers, and Admins. It does NOT apply to students.

Zoom Activity (5): Import Meeting

Create Zoom Meetings on the website or desktop client and associate the meeting, reports, and recordings within the Zoom Activity in Moodle.