Information on the basics of Moodle, including general navigation and procedures.

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Pinned Article Learn Moodle [Faculty]

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. Moodle ISU is Idaho State University's online learning management system for academic courses.

Checklist: Start of Semester [Faculty]

At the beginning of each term, there are several items to think about as you prepare to teach using Moodle ISU. We have put together a list of questions to help guide you through the initial steps of setting up your Moodle ISU course.

Moodle ISU Basic Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting steps to take when Moodle may not be working correctly.

Overview: Reuse Course Content in Moodle ISU

There are several ways to reuse a course or parts of a course. Most of them involve or are similar to a backup and restore process.

Overview: Share HIPAA-Sensitive Videos from Box ISU to Moodle ISU [Faculty]

This document will provide an overview of how to add HIPAA-sensitive videos to your Box ISU and link them into your Moodle ISU Course.

Checklist: End of Semester [Faculty]

Faculty are responsible for backing up their own course materials at the end of each semester. It is recommended that the gradebook and course content are both retained.

General Procedures for Moodle ISU [Faculty]

This handout explains basic Moodle ISU procedures, including how to request a Moodle course, how teachers of record are assigned, and how student enrollment works.

Overview: Share Resources from Google Drive to Moodle ISU [Faculty]

This document will provide an overview of how to add files to your Google Drive and link them into your Moodle ISU Course.

Overview: HTML Editor in Moodle ISU

The HTML editor in Moodle ISU appears on any page where text can be entered. You can use the editor to manipulate text, insert images, create links, etc.

Overview: Moodle ISU Dashboard and My Courses

The Moodle ISU Dashboard is a customizable page for providing users with links to their courses and activities within those courses, such as unread forum posts and upcoming assignments.

Overview: Moodle ISU on Mobile Devices

Moodle Mobile is the Moodle official mobile application for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and 8.1. It is available in Google Play, Apple Market, and Windows App stores.

Overview: Navigate Moodle ISU

The Navigation drawer is useful for moving between your courses and the dashboard of Moodle ISU.

Overview: Online Communication

This overview will help you learn about each method of online course communication found in Moodle ISU and when you might choose to use it

Overview: Record a Video Directly in Moodle Using TinyMCE Editor

Anywhere the TinyMCE rich-text Editor is located (forum, label, page, etc) you can record instant video.

General Technology Hardware for Online/Hybrid Courses

Taking an online course requires a good computer, and consistent internet connection. In addition there are some basic general skills, along with computer and internet skills that are required to be successful.

General Technology Software for Online/Hybrid Courses

This document lists the minimum software requirements for courses in Moodle along with instructions and links to download the software. Your courses may require additional software. Please go through each section to ensure that you have the minimum software and that it is up to date.

General Tips, Skills, and Readiness Tools for Being a Successful Online Student

Review the following tips to be successful in an online course at Idaho State University.