Instructions and information about on-campus phones. If you have a situation or questions not covered here, please contact our Service Desk at 208.282.4357 so we can help you work out a solution.

Articles (8)

8 Plus Dialing Instructions

Instructions for how to dial without the FAC codes, using the 8+ dialing system

Cisco Phone Dialing Instructions

Dialing instructions for Cisco Desk Phones

Forwarding Calls

Instructions on forwarding your desk phone number to your home or cell number.


Explains Jabber and how to request access. Jabber allows you to make and receive ISU phone calls through your computer.

Single Number Reach

Instructions for setting up and using Single Number Reach for ISU's VoIP phone system.

Single Number Reach and Call Forwarding Comparison

Explains the functional differences between the Single Number Reach and Call Forwarding options.

Telephone User Guides

Links to instructions for Telephone and Voicemail on campus

Voicemail Instructions

Instructions on voicemail services on Cisco VoIP phones.