Information on using additional moodle tools for email, retention, and calendaring.

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Pinned Article Blocks in Moodle ISU [Faculty]

Blocks are items which may be added to the right of your Moodle page. Blocks can be very helpful in adding functionality to your Moodle ISU course.

Activities Block [Faculty]

The Activities block lists and allows navigation between the different activities that are utilized in the course (assignments, forums, quizzes, resources, etc.).

Adding Feedback Block [Faculty]

Adding the Feedback block to your course will allow your students to access site-wide feedbacks such as course evaluations.

Completion Progress Block [Faculty]

The Completion Progress block is a time-management and retention tool for students.

Embedding Google Calendar into Moodle ISU [Faculty]

This handout can be used to help you create a Google calendar for your course which can be placed in your Moodle ISU course and will be useful for keeping track of appointments and assignments.

People Block or Participants [Faculty or Student]

The Navigation block and the People block are both helpful when viewing and managing participants in a course.