Instructions on adjusting course settings, creating backups, and creating and managing groups. .

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Activity Completion Setup [Faculty]

Activity completion or progress tracking, allows the instructor to monitor student progress through the course. Setting the activity completion options dictates when an activity will be marked as complete. When an activity is marked complete, the student will see a checkmark next to the activity on the course page and in the progress tracking report.

Backing Up and Restoring a Moodle ISU Course [Faculty]

Backup course content, or add information from an old course into a new course.

Change dates for my Moodle Activities [Faculty]

The Dates report lets an instructor review and change due dates, access dates, cut-off dates, etc., for multiple Activities or Resources at once. This feature is especially useful for instructors who are reusing a previous course.

Export Moodle ISU Student Data for ePortfolio [Faculty]

Faculty members are responsible for backing up their own course materials at the end of each semester.

Groups and Groupings Setup [Faculty]

The Groups and Groupings options provide a way for instructors to divide the students in order to work together on activities, give participants access to specific content, and help organize the Gradebook and participant list.

Importing Content into a New Moodle ISU Course [Faculty]

The Import function allows course content to be moved from one course to another within the same instance of Moodle.

Indenting Activities and Resources in Moodle ISU [Faculty]

Activities and resources can be indented in Moodle to help organize and style your course. By default, this option is turned off in Moodle ISU, but you can enable it in your course using the course settings.

Printing a Quiz from Moodle [Faculty]

As an instructor you may want a paper copy of your exam for archiving purposes or to handout to students for a in-person exam.

Restoring Course Data: Troubleshooting [Faculty]

In the process of restoring your course, you may encounter some problems. There are some things you can do to help your course restore cleanly.

Withdrawn Students: Suspended Enrollment [Faculty]

Students who withdraw from a course after the designated add/drop date will be placed in a suspended enrollment status in Moodle ISU.

Add a Person into a Course [Faculty]

Add another teacher to share ideas, collaborate with peers, and to help improve the overall quality of your learning materials.

Hide/Show a Course [Faculty]

Course availability affects whether or not students are able to access the course on Moodle ISU.