Instructions and information on Argos, Banner 9, BengalWeb, Google, Box, and other applications.If you have a situation or questions not covered here, please contact our Service Desk at 208.282.4357 so we can help you work out a solution.

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Instructions and information on the Argos reporting tool and its reports.

Banner 9

Instructions and information about available Banner 9 applications


Instructions and information on BengalWeb applications, including employee information, time entry, finance, Talent Management, and purchasing.


Information on using Box, ISU's electronic data storage tool.

Google Apps

Instructions and information on Google tools available at ISU, including GSuite, Gmail, Google Calendar, and more.

Articles (14)

Changing Your Security Questions

Step by step instructions on changing your security questions in the ISU identity management system.

Claiming Your ISU Account

Instructions on how to claim your ISU Account under the Identity Management System.

Collaborate at ISU

Simple explanations and links to instructions for the various collaboration tools available at ISU.

Duo Information

General information and FAQ for Duo Security

Duo Protected Services

Provides a list of services protected by Duo

Find Your Operating System

How to check the version of the operating system on your Android or iOS device.

Getting Started with Duo Security

Instructions for signing up to use Duo.

ISU Navigate For Faculty and Staff

General information on ISU Navigate with links to quick guides designed to help faculty and staff.

MyISU Information

General information and FAQ for MyISU

Password Guidelines

Information on what elements need to be in your password using the Identity Management System.

Password Help and Reset

How to retrieve your username or reset your ISU Password.

Security Questions

Information on the security questions that users need to answer as part of setting up their password in the new Identity Management System.

Username Change Request

How to help a customer change their username